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Some aspects of Unit 3 are new, some of may be a bit familiar (especially if you have ever taught AQA or OCR Health). The main point of this session is to create a level of reassurance, and an overview so you can plan for next year.
Here is an outline of the agenda:
  1. The overview: what is in the content
  2. How will it be tested – break down of the exam, new questions, old questions and echoes very old questions
  3. How to tackle the question types
  4. How to foster the skills and knowledge to tackle those question types

This may all seem a bit instrumental, in part because this is the way of the world – but I think there is room (and a necessity) to ‘do psychology’ – the students need to understand the material on a level that goes well beyond cramming pre-set responses … it is almost like that is what OCR was planning!

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