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In this webinar we look at how to choose a suitable experiment for the internal assessment and how to help the pupils to organise themselves to complete the data collection. One of the most important parts about this is making sure you are happy with the study they have chosen and the design so that you can teach them how to conduct the appropriate statistical analysis, especially or Highers. I will share my internal assessment booklet which gives a detailed set of activities to help with every stage of the process. We look at the differences between the Higher and Standard assessment criteria, including how to help Highers to complete their literature review for the introduction, and importantly their references, we will discuss all aspects of experimental design, from IVs and DVs, operationalization and hypotheses, through to the design, sampling, control and standardisation. We will look at how to do enough basic descriptive and inferential statistics to get the marks without any pain! We will also look at how to structure the discussion and how to help the pupils collect information along the way to help them. Each step of the way we will look at how to interpret the mark scheme in order that you give the pupils are fair mark for each section. Looking forward to chatting to everyone!”

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