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This webinar will focus on the topic of forensic psychology. Specifically: –

Problems in defining crime: Ways of measuring crime, official statistics, victim surveys and offender surveys

Offender profiling: top-down, bottom-up, investigative psychology and geographical profiling

Biological explanations: atavistic form, genetics and neural explanations

Psychological explanations: Eysenck’s theory of the criminal personality, cognitive explanations (moral reasoning, attribution), differential association and psychodynamic explanations

Dealing with offender behaviour: Aims of custodial sentencing and its effects. Recidivism. Behaviour modification, anger management and restorative justice programmes

The focus will be on teaching. You will be given innovative and active ideas for delivering this topic to students effectively. We will discuss how to make the learning ‘stick’ and strategies for making the content accessible to lower ability students and stretch and challenge for the more able will also be discussed. We will also look at the assessment requirements of this topic and how to ensure students can access top grades. Upgrade your lessons from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’!
There will be an opportunity for sharing good practice and discussion.

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