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This webinar will focus on issues and debates in psychology. Specifically: –

  1. Gender and culture: Alpha and beta bias, ethnocentrism and cultural relativism
  1. Free will & determinism
  1. Nature-nurture
  1. Reductionism & Holism
  1. Idiographic and nomothetic approaches
  1. Ethics and Socially sensitive research

The focus will be on teaching. You will be given innovative and active ideas for delivering these components to students effectively. We will discuss how to make the learning ‘stick’ and enable students to make synoptic links to other topics. Strategies for making the content accessible to lower ability students and stretch and challenge for the more able will also be discussed. We will also look at the assessment requirements of this topic and how to ensure students can access top grades. Upgrade your lessons from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’!

There will be an opportunity for sharing good practice and discussion.

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