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Thank you for choosing to attend a Resourcd Webinar. You should have received a conformation email that will provide the date and time of your webinar(s).

You can always find details about your webinars on the ‘My Account‘ section of our site. Here you can see the date and time of the webinars, details about the course and any resources that the speaker has made available to delegates.

Before the Webinar

We use Citrix software ‘Go To Webinar’ – we suggest that you make sure that you are able to use this software before the webinar starts. If you are using a school or college computer you may need to speak to your IT support to get it working.

The software supports all platforms as well as having apps for both iOS (iPad/iPhone) and Andriod tablets. More details of the software available can be found here.

You can test the software by clicking on this link which will open a test webinar.

All our webinars will have sound as well as a video of the speaker and usually a presentation or demonstration on screen too.

On the Day

We suggest that you arrive at the webinar room 10 minutes before the start time – if there are any issues there will be a member of technical support there to help you establish your connection. You will be provided with a telephone number to call if there are any issues establishing a connection on the day.

You are welcome to have more than one person watch the webinar – for example, you can buy one ticket for your department of 3 or 4 staff. We do ask that only one member of staff interacts with the speaker and asks questions. If you want each member of staff to be able to interact with the speaker you will need to purchase a ticket for each.

We hope you get a lot our of your Resourcd Webinar but we are always trying to improve our webinars and come up with new ideas. Following your webinar we would appreciate it if you could complete a quick feedback form to let us know what we are doing right and how we can make things better.


Helen, Jamie, Mark and Cara.